First fabric purchase of 2010

This is my first fabric purchase for 2010. I have put myself on a fabric diet, so to speak. With all the snow and such, DH has not worked much in the past three months. He is in the construction business and work normally slows down this time of year, but this year has been exceptionally slow. However cash flow is improving and these two fabric pieces have been calling my name since December.

These items are from Fabric Mart and were included in the December swatches. The other day I noticed that the December mailer was no longer available for me to link to, so sent an email to FM saying if they still had this fabric I was interested. I got a response back indicating that it was and decided to place an order. They arrived yesterday!

Both are from a Liz Claiborne collection; one is metallic faille (top one). The bottom one is rayon/polyester Ikat floral print. The bottom one is definitely going to be a blouse. The other one I am still undecided about-dress, jacket?? But definitely for my upcoming spring sewing.
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