Almost complete

I attached the sleeves to the dress pattern upon returning home from visiting family. I only need to sew the hem for the lining and the dress fabric. I also need to sew three buttons on the front placket. I have various black buttons to choose from. I wish I had some red buttons but I don't and have not seen any at JoAnn's or another store in the area. I will use the black and if the right red comes along I can always change them.

I am very happy with the look of this dress. After inserting the sleeves, I tried on the dress one more time. The exposed zipper was 14 or 16 inches long and the dress called for 22 inch zipper. It is a little snug pulling the dress over my head due to shorter zipper length; yet I like the look of the exposed zipper in the back. I can live with this.

I decided not to attach black tabs on the front/side front above the pockets as I think this will add a separating point when you view the dress. I like the black piping at the pocket edge and I think that is enough of black. Hope to show you photos tomorrow.


  1. I am anxiously awaiting pictures of the finished product!! There have been so many teasers!
    Do you have a Joann's or other similar store there nearby? I am trying to remember if there was one when I lived there, but I didn't really sew then! I remember making something while there, but I don't have any memory of what I made or where I bought the supplies. Maybe I just made curtains or something similar. I just have this vivid memory of my machine on the kitchen table in the apartment there. Now it is bugging me because I really want to remember what on earth I made!


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