Putting aside

After work and grocery shopping this evening, I spent time in sewing room on the Vogue dress. I am putting this aside for awhile-day, two, week. Not sure how long. I am just not liking this dress. I think some of the adjustments I made were "too much". Also the color is "ok" but not "OK". I am just not feeling the love for this dress right now!

The neckline pleats are good but the bust dart is just too low and is pulled down some by the weight of the double knit. The back looks better; but now I think the shoulder length is too long and that is fixable.

When I don't like something I am working on and I keep pushing myself to work on it, I find I start avoiding sewing. I will put aside for now and give myself a new sewing opportunity. I am still going to sew another dress and am considering 4 or 5 patterns. I will be using fabric from the stash that I pulled out for winter sewing.

My Jalie patterns came today, the wrong Kwik Sew pattern was shipped. Will have to send back to PR for the correct one.


  1. I am sorry the dress isn't working for you. Have fun making the Jalie patterns - I really love the top with the buckle. Did you order the Kwik Sew cowl neck that everybody is raving about on PR? I really want it! (I don't see a KS pattern on the previous post.)
    Why are we so addicted to ordering more patterns and fabric than we can make??

  2. My philosophy is if I don't love it, I don't sew it. Sometimes that isn't discovered until I'm into the project. But that's ok. There's lots more patterns and fabric to sew!

  3. If you're not feeling the love, then I think you're right to put it aside, at least for a while. A fresh look, after a break from it, might give you a way to improve on it.

  4. Sorry about the dress..... Just take a break and do something more fun and relaxing.

  5. Oh, I'm the same way when sewing. If I loose my enthusiasm for the project I avoid the sewing room. Put it aside, sew something you love and return to it later. If you're still not feeling the love get rid of it.


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