10-20-30 Minutes to sew

Our company is undergoing numerous changes. I wish it was just as simple as snapping your fingers and it can be done. Thus my work load this week has been super busy. Yesterday morning while waiting for the iron to heat up to press a top to wear for work, I finished threading the serger and sewing machine so I could start working on the Butterick dress. I am taking every little minute I can to do something sewing related.

I need to do something sewing related during stressful work times as a means of "therapy". I also have caught glimpses of others sewing projects on Flickr notices I receive. That too is a form of sewing therapy also.

Jeez, maybe I need to press another item this AM. Later!


  1. I really do think it helps sometimes to just do something, anything, sewing related. Even if it's just flipping through some patterns or something-- at least then you can somewhat plan a project and feel a little productive! Hope you get some sewing time soon!

  2. Life has been really difficult here for several months. That is why I have done so much sewing -- it is definitely my therapy!!!!!


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