Jalie 2806 Complete

Yeah, I finished something!

I completed Jalie 2806. This is my second time making this top and this one fits better than the first one. The knit for this top was a little heavier in weight than the first one I made giving it better body. I also used 3/8 inch side seams instead of 1/4. The other adjustment I made was with the sleeve.

With the first one I increased the width of the sleeve; I think because I read where others thought the sleeve was a little tight. I really did not need to do that so with this one, I redrafted the sleeve pattern reducing the added width.

I used my coverstitch hem to hem the sleeves and the top. I also used the machine to stitch the neckline band and top.

It was great to complete a project. The Burda jacket is waiting for button holes and buttons. I now have buttons for the jacket, I just need to rethread the machine to complete this. I plan to work on this during the week.

I have a KS knit top cut out. I am looking forward to making this one.


  1. I love the fabric you used. This post rememded me I need to make a plain black knit top. Thanks :)

  2. I love the color of that top. Enjoy wearing it. Very nice.

  3. Great color and print, I only have one Jalie pattern, and love it for my daughter. Need to get some more soon.

  4. That's a wonderful top! I think that would be one that I would get a lot of wear from. I love knit tops!

  5. It looks great!! I made that same style in the pattern that I ordered thanks to you!!!!!!!!! All I need to do is hem the sleeves and bottom. Maybe I will get to that tonight. Wish I had a coverhem!


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