Butterick, you're out; Jalie, you win

I became very frustrated working on the Butterick knit top. The knit was just to fiddly and I am not liking how the pleats and the whole neckline thing was just not coming together. There is a lot of hand stitching to catch various pieces to each other. When that goes wrong, and it did!, because of the knit, the removal of those stitches was not easy and left a hole. I decided I just did not want to be working on such a tedious project. So it is a wadder and I'm okay with that.

I moved on to the Jalie scoopneck top and it has been such a pleasure to sew this. Rethreading the serger, the coverstitich and sewing machine ate up a lot of the sewing time I had. I have created the gathered foldover part; sewn the shoulders together; basted the side seams for fitting; and I tried it on to make sure that it is all falling into place correctly. It did!!!!

So I made that the stopping point while I am waiting for DH to finish getting ready to go do a few shopping errands and eat. Back to the sewing machine later. It's good to be sewing again.


  1. I passed that one up, just felt in my gut it would be hard to get right. Glad you were able to move on. I love the Jalie tops.

  2. It's too bad about the knit top, but at least you have a great pattern to now concentrate on :) I love that Jalie pattern, just haven't made it up yet.

  3. Glad you found a pattern you like, Jalie's are always winners.


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