What you see previously is what you see now!

I was amazed to see that I had not posted since Monday. Not sure why I should be amazed, it has been one of those weeks! Work has consumed me.

Yesterday, my boss, another staff member and I traveled to Richmond, VA which is over 2.5 hours drive, normally. We attended a very productive meeting with several staff from a state government agency. We then had lunch and then visited our sister agency leaving Richmond around 3:30; arriving back in Roanoke around 6:15 and then I drove myself home. I left home at 6:30 AM to meet my boss for the ride to Richmond. 12 hour day is a long day.

Earlier this week my work days included late hours as well. So no sewing going on here. So the photo of my dress from Monday is the way the dress is on Friday. I hope to get some sewing in tomorrow as Sunday is Mother's day and a trip to Danville again. Monday, I again travel to Richmond and will stay overnight as this is a two day business trip.


  1. Very busy indeed. Long work days doesn't allow for much sewing time, unfortunately I'm familiar with that.Hope you do get some free time this week end.

  2. Honestly, it doesn't get any better when you retire. You think you're going to have all kinds of time to sew--but it doesn't happen. When I'm having a terribly busy week, like you, I'm sewingin my head and very anxious to get to my machine.

  3. You are staying busy - hope you find some sewing time as the dress is coming together nicely.

  4. I can certainly understand about that no time to sew thing--hope you find some soon!


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