Top 108-Feb BWOF

Yes, I took the plunge and traced my first BWOF pattern. I chose pattern #108 as it was to my mind a simple pattern to start with. A front, a back and two sleeves.

Unsure of the size to use I ended up using the largest size and decided I would need a FBA. I also went back and forth on whether the dart was in the right location or should I lower it. For some reason, still unknown to me, my inner voice said not to lower and I chose not to listen. The dart sits to low and some of that could be the knit fabric I chose to use for this test garment.

I did a swayback adjustment but the back length is still to long. I have the same issue with Jalie patterns as well. More work to do on that problem.

I decided to follow the instructions for the neckline hem/topstitching and that created a sewing issue for me when it came to sewing the shoulder seams. Their way has you turn under the neckline seam allowances as first step and topstitch. Then sew shoulder seams. When doing that, the neckline was wonky and did not lay right. So I think I will do it another way. I just wrote (ranted) about this at the "burdaenglish" yahoo group. I am hoping someone will tell me if they used their method and how they got it to work.

So I am disappointed with my first try with this pattern. I will not give up and will tweak the pattern further and still use knit stash fabric that will not be painful to me if I ruin it. I did ruin this test knit fabric due to removing stitches one time to many. It now has holes in it.

More later.


  1. Good luck with it! And at least it was just test fabric that you were using. I hope the next one goes better for you (especially since I also recently traced off my first BWOF! Though I have yet to cut it out.)

  2. Don't give up! Hopefully you can figure out how your figure differs from the BWOF draft and have standard alterations down from here on out.

  3. How irritating, sorry about your hard work going to waste.
    Burda Plus pants patterns work out surprisingly well for me but I haven't made a top from the mag yet. The regular BWOF patterns I've tried seem to be for a rather erect back, broader shoulders than mine and smaller waist. I should go check out that yahoo group...

    Good luck with the next one!


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