KS 2759 Cardigan sleeve

This gives you a better idea of the fabric. This is the 3/4 sleeve for the cardigan.
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  1. I KNOW this fabric. And it is a dream to work with...I love the pieces I made from it and can't wait to see yours!!!

  2. I love this KS pattern you're using. It's my TNT. Hmmmm...I have a sweater knit that would look great in this. I'm off to dig out this pattern. Looking forward to seeing your version.

    BTW...Your blog is looking wonderful. Nice job! :)

  3. Cute fabric--I'm anxious to see your finished garment! Glad your sewing mojo is coming back. I had a similar 2 wadder experience. I had to sew for my DGD for instant gratification!

    Happy Sewing!

    Lynda in LB


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