Fabric purchase

Yes, I did! I took advantage of the 50% off wool sale and bought these two fabrics yesterday AM. First one is black and olive, wool and silk blend. The yellow one is a unusual weave and a yellow color that I really love. It reminded me of a suit I made years ago that I got great compliments when I wore it. Unfortunately the suit shrunk over the years and thus made its way to Goodwill.

Photos courtesy of Fabric Mart website


  1. Pretty! That yellow wool is a great color. Can't wait to see what it turns into.

  2. Gorgeous selections Linda. I almost caved and bought some woold too at that price, but with all the costs involved in fixing the storm damage, I figured I better not spend alot on fabric right now! Mary

  3. Oh, those are beautiful fabrics, Linda!! Thank you for sharing them. Now we can all turn green with envy while we anxiously await the beautiful things you will create with them!!


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