Sew, What's next?

I decided that I had to finish THE dress today!!!!! I knew if I put it aside to pin fit some skirt patterns, that I may not go back to it for weeks. I hand sewed the dress hem and machine sewed the lining hem. I used Claire Schaeffer's method of attaching the lining to the zipper tape and I am truly pleased with how that looks and being able to sew the lining to the zipper tape by machine.

After cleaning up from the finishing of the dress. I pulled out several skirt patterns that I want to pin fit and get ready to make those skirts over the next few weeks. I also pulled out some knit top patterns, including my new pattern from JStern Designs. So I am planning on sewing, even if it is more in my mind than reality. My work next week is another busy start to finish kind of days ahead. Tomorrow I am traveling with my boss to the western part of the state for a business lunch followed by several other meetings. When traveling alone I can think about sewing and designing that next garment; not so when traveling with someone else, particularly my male boss.


  1. Congrats on finishing your dress! It's always such a good feeling to finish a project that's been taking ages!


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