Carolyn's Brand Loyalty Question

If you click on the title above, it should link you to Carolyn of Diary of a Sewing Fanatic blog. Carolyn is what I call a "deep thinker" and many of her posts asks the reader a thought provoking question. One of the reasons I like to read her blog.

Yesterday she posed the question about fabric store brand loyalty-not only brick and mortar stores but online as well. I think that I have online brand loyalty as I seem to buy fabrics from specific online stores on a fairly regular basis. Sometimes I buy more from one site than another based on their current offerings.

I did enjoy shopping Hancock's fabric brick and mortar store until they closed ours. I suppose I should look at their online offerings more frequently but their website just does not feel appealing to me.

Depending on where I have lived, Jo Ann's was a key store for me in some areas. I personally think that not all Jo Ann's are equal. Meaning some had better fabric selections for fashion sewists versus my local one that seems to appeal to quilters and other crafting hobby's. Sometimes I get lucky when I visit our local store but not often. We did have two Jo Ann's in town, one 10 minutes from my home. That one was closed and thus I have to travel to the other side of town which is only 20 to 25 minutes away. Yet I really never know what to expect when I visit that store. It always looks so empty and I always expect to hear that they will be closing just because it is not well stocked. I never shop online with Jo Ann's.

For me I do have brand loyalty to several online sites. The reason is that they offer quality fabrics at good prices. Since I shop with them frequently I have saved them as favorite bookmarks on my Google homepage. Makes it very easy to click and go there. Included in this list are:
  • EmmaOneSock
  • Gorgeous Fabrics
  • Fabric Mart
  • Fashionista Fabrics
  • Vogue Fabrics
  • Fashion Fabric Club

I have not purchased from some of the above in recent months. Only because I have not seen any fabric that I could not live without. There are numerous other fabric sites that I visit and purchase from, though sporadically.

I think my answer is I do have brand loyalty to numerous online sites as my shopping experience has been good, available fabric choices are normally very good, prices are good and most of all service is excellent.

I will always be on the lookout for new fabric sources online and if found and if I try them they will have to live up to those above to make my list.


  1. I used to feel comfortable ordering on line from Julie at Timmels. I've only purchased fabrics a few times on line from other stores in the States. What gets me is the shipping. Sometimes it costs more than the fabric it self. So that is a big deterrent for me. Luckily I can normally get what I want at my local fabric store.

  2. *LOL* at the deep thinker quote...nah, I don't think I'm a deep thinker...overly obsessed with anything sewing related maybe...*LOL*

    I enjoyed your answer and I liked that you listed the resources. With our economy in a shambles I think the more we can promote our fabric resources the better!

  3. I think if we can keep buying fabric, our resources won't dry up. We already fight not having good local sources, so let's hope the internet ones stay afloat.

  4. Hello from Roanoke. Enjoy your blog.


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