Wow, what a week. It has truly been hectic. Too many deadlines for reports that are not getting completed on time. Staff from other agencies visiting and meeting during the week, dinner following meetings thus getting home late several nights this week. Finding no time to sew, exercise or just look at sewing or fashion magazines.

So I am most thankful that it is Friday and one of two reports will get completed. My boss is out of town for several days :-). I can dress a little more casual today! And give some thought to what I am going to sew next. My plans continue to change on the sewing front.

Waiting for me when I got home last night was my latest vintage patterns I got from eBay. One is a dress pattern very similar to the Simplicity 2959 that I have been searching and searching for.

I will take photos of my latest buys and post later. Time to finish getting dressed for work.


  1. I agree, this has been a rough week and it's almost over. A little sewing with some fabo, luxurious fabric *would* be nice. It almost doesn't matter to me what is made next, just that the fabric is outstanding.

  2. Here's to hoping you get a little sewing time this weekend!


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