Another What I Wore

Earlier this week I wore another dress creation sewn last summer. This was a Vogue pattern with empire waist detailing. The fabric was acquired from Gorgeous Fabrics and I believe is a cotton or cotton blend twill. It wears well.

The turn back collar is rather large and I have to pin it underneath the turn back to keep it from pulling open or gaping. I will probably make another one of these and will reduce the collar width.


  1. Linda, I really like the shirtdress. Great summer fabric. Also love your vintage patterns! Esp the last one.

  2. Wow! I love that dress. Do you recall the number?

  3. I was staring at the fabric and when I enlarged the picture I knew why! I have some of that same fabric! What a lovely dress you've made from must be sooooo comfortable to wear because it is an awesome piece of fabric!

  4. That's a lovely dress and you look great in it!


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