Thursday evening looking to Friday

Yes, my final budget for my departments was handed over to our CFO this evening. But, budget season is still not over. The CEO will next review with her next week, which normally means, more revisions. But until then, my vaca starts now!!!!!!!!

The front of the dress that I started and pinned to AlmaMarie (dress form) has been staring at me every morning and evening. Tomorrow, the rest of the dress will be sewn to the front piece that has been waiting patiently for attention.

I failed to mention that when I started to cut out this fabric, what I had been thinking was the right side of the dress has now become the wrong side of the dress. One side is flat or matte while the other is more of a sateen with subtle shine. Much like what I keep seeing in Macy's and Belks here locally. I normally go with the matte look in most of my clothes but I decided that my wardrobe needs a little modernization within my fashion zone.


  1. Linda - glad you are on vacation! Hearing about your budgets and revisions reminds me of my job. Don't you wish your sewing was your job! I have a corporate job and am presently exploring forming my own business and getting away from all of headaches from work - or at least having the headaches be my own doing!


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