Sewing during the weekend

Saturday and Sunday I was able to get some sewing in. Again I have taken a simple pattern and added some degree of difficulty-adding a lining, using the Hong Kong seam finish, and a really difficult/ravelly fabric as well. I do love a challenge.

All seams are finally completed. I love the Hannah Silk Ribbon I used for the seam bindings. The ribbons are on the bias and the colors are like ombre in that they go from a shade of green, fading into a lighter or darker shade. Some of the ribbons have some rose and purple shades blended in as well.
I like the fit of this jacket. The back pleat is a nice feature and design for this jacket. Here is a photo of the jacket on Alma Marie.

And here is the back pleat:

You can go here to see a few more photos of the jacket in progress


  1. Gorgeous. Can't wait to see it finished!

  2. Love this fabric, Linda, and I think I really like the back pleat, it doesn't look too full so that there's lots of fabric billowing around the hips.

  3. The jacket is lovely and great color and love the pleat.

  4. This looks wonderful. I had to go look at the pattern again - it had never grabbed me, but your version looks so cute. Love the fabric.

  5. Great looking jacket. I love a challenge too. The added Hong Kong seams makes this jacket special and unique.

  6. Linda .- this jacket already has very good .... did you see a good job with the seams-hong kong. greetings. Paco


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