Reply to comments on cardigan and update

Lindsay, lucky you to have something close by to browse. Fold over elastic or what I called lingerie elastic is what I have. Getting it to fold over the edge of this raised design on the edge was very difficult and I did not want to chance my not stitching it well. To remove stitches from this knit is extremely difficult. Yet I did use the fold over elastic only, I did not fold it over. I will post photos of what I did later.

Mary, thanks for the feedback about Lastin. I actually have a package of this clear elastic that I purchased about two years ago. Mine is very narrow and too narrow for this cardigan.

I took some photos of the finished edge of the front and back neckline using fold over elastic as noted above. I attached the narrower side of the fold over elastic (FOE) to the front and back areas of the cardigan using my serger. When completed I turned the seamed edge to the inside and the wider side of the FOE is now the edge trim for the cardigan. One side of this elastic is matte and the other more satiny. So the satin edge is showing up on the right side which was my plan. I am pleased with how this turned out.

I also did this to the hem edge of the cardigan's short sleeves as well. I will then edge stitch the turned under seam to help this lay flat. I am truly pleased at how well this worked and looks.

I need to cut out the stretch lining for the tank top. I ordered the lining from EOS and purchased two types. Both look well under the knit but still have not decided which one to use yet.

I have never lined any type of knit fabric before so I have it worked out in my mind as to how I want to do this. Will test drive a sample before actually doing. Later.



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