Staying Motivated to Sew

I completed the McCall's jacket except for sewing on the button. I stitched the buttonhole, sewed the chain to hem and will complete this later this evening. If the weather continues as it has for the past several days, my prediction of completing this jacket now and not being able to wear it may come true. If so, then I will have a new dress and jacket for next fall.

I spent time yesterday cleaning out the sewing room and putting away fabrics that were on my list of garments to complete for winter. I then pulled fabrics from my collection for spring sewing.

Below are photos of fabric that is first up for sewing. The piece below is microfiber fabric I purchased from Vogue Fabrics perhaps two or three years ago. It has some weight to it and I decided this would be best made up as a skirt.

This is the pattern I am using. I pin fitted the pattern and found that the finished measurements do not match up with what is printed on the pattern pieces. I added width to waist and hips. The skirt is now cut out. Of course, I do not have any lining in my collection that remotely matches or blends with this fabric. So I went online to Trendy Fabrics and ordered several colors that I hope are close. It is so hard to tell with monitors. There is nothing at local JoAnn's that even remotely matches. For Trendy's prices, I can't really complain if found to be way off. They were $.66 a yard.

Here is the fabric for the jacket and blouse/top to go with the skirt. The jacket will be the silk tweed that includes colors of white, teal (pale and dark) and some flecks of orange and raspberry. The solid fabric is a crepe type polyester material that is rather drapey. I was thinking of using the top from the pattern below. I am concerned that the fabric may be to drapey.

This is the jacket pattern I think I am going to make. (Sorry for the skewed look, I saved it small to fit the Stitch n Stash program for photo size.) Simplicity has removed this pattern from their line up and I could not find it with the out of print patterns either. I plan to add a lining to the jacket as the pattern does not call for one. I think I may use the Stitch 'N Flip method for this.

Here are a few more fabrics that I pulled out to make. Still determining what they will be.

The black fabric is a rayon that I purchased from Textile Studios. It is rather soft and not a lot of body or weight to it. I am thinking some sort of skirt. I don't think it is enough to make a dress. The next piece is polka dots in green, dark and light lavender and coral. When I bought this from Textile Studios I wanted to make a sheath style dress, which is my plan now as well. It has some weight to it.

The next fabric is a linen like butterscotch color from Fabric Mart that I think I will make into a dress. The ivory fabric is a herringbone fabric purchased from Hancock's before they went out of business locally.

All of this has been motivating and I am excited to be at least dreaming and planning on projects to sew.


  1. Linda, you are unstoppable (is that a word?). I love the new silk tweed, wonderful combo of colors. Can't wait to see the completed jacket of the other silk, though! And the polka dots, you are brave!

  2. I love the polka dots. They are so fun and cheery.

  3. Thanks Linda for sharing your motivation and reminding me about Trendy Fabrics...I need some lining fabric and you can't beat it at that price! It would cost more to drive the car to the fabric store! Mary

  4. I had never heard of Trendy Fabrics before...

    That skirt is going to be wonderful! I love the curvy lines and the little flip at the hem.


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