Decision made

I decided to make View A of this Kwik Sew pattern 2759. I went through more of my pattern collection and when I saw the lacy tank top with short sleeve cardigan, the light bulb clicked on!

As noted in a previous post, I needed stretch lining for the tank top so I visited EOS website and found two Ivory knit linings. I ordered a couple of yards of both for this and future needs. They should arrive early next week. I don't plan to line the cardigan as I don't see a real necessity to do so for this garment.

This afternoon I traced the front and back pieces of the tank top pattern, made a FBA, raised the underarms, made the swayback adjustment as well as forward shoulder adjustment. I also increased the length by one inch using the shorten/lengthen line on the pattern. I then traced the front and back pieces of the cardigan and will make appropriate adjustments for this garment tomorrow.

I also plan to cut out the Burda skirt pattern again in a RPL fabric that I purchased from Deepika of Pattern Review about a year or more ago. The fabric has been washed and was put back in my fabric collection as whatever project I thought I was going to use it for did not materialize. Heck, I cannot remember even what I was going to use it for!


  1. Wow! I used this Kwik Sew pattern about 8 or 9 years ago to make a tank as part of twinset! And now to see you using it is is part of your pattern stash or did you just recently purchase it?


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