Burda skirt

I hope everyone had a nice Easter. Saturday was beautiful and warm. Easter was cooler and yet sunny.

I had a long weekend with Good Friday holiday and today a vacation day. I have just about completed the skirt. Man, I really have issues fitting skirts. I think it stems from the fact that in the past, say five years ago, many skirts I made that were fitted were were too tight. I was always adjusting the fit. Being over 50, my weight changed, it seems over night. So I made larger skirts that fit better.

I have toned up over the past year to 18 months from regular exercise. Good for me!!!! So that tried and true size does not work anymore. I still have a thicker waist than I want but hips and tummy are less. So fitting is still an issue. I added some width to each pattern piece and ended up taking up all the addition and then some. That is still better than not having enough fabric to go around!!!!

After making numerous fitting adjustments, my skirt is complete except for the hem. I took some photos along the way and will post those later. I am off to get a manicure, long overdue!!!!



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