Skirt is done!

I finished the Vogue skirt. It is always takes me forever to complete somethings because of the hand stitching things needed to be done. I just always hate that part. I had to sew the buttons on the tabs and then the hook and eye at the top of the zipper.

Here is a link to a few photos of the skirt. I put the skirt on AlmaMarie (dress form) and it looked bad on the form. AlmaMarie is a little fuller in the booty than I am (and used to be) so it was a little too snug for her. Made the skirt look like it was too little which is not the case.

I hope to wear it soon and will take a photo or two of me wearing it. I was just not dressed for that today!


  1. Linda, I like your skirt. The tabs make it more interesting.

  2. Lovely skirt, that color will be so versatile. The tab is indeed an extra lovely detail.

  3. What a great skirt! The details are terrific.

  4. Really cute skirt! I love the tabs detail on the side!

  5. I agree with everyone. The tabs detail is terrific.


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