Sewing this weekend

Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday. Some days I am feeling my age, but as my grandmother always said, you are as old as you feel. Right now I am feeling young. Had my coffee, reading emails about sewing and machine embroidery and now off to sewing room. What better place to be when it is 15 degrees outside. I truly love Florida in the winter.

DH took me to dinner last night. I had a gift card for the Olive Garden. Nothing fancy but we did have a good meal. After having a Starbucks latte for dessert, came home and went to sewing room.

Yesterday morning I cut out the Vogue dress pattern. Yes Meg, no sewing after work for me either last week! I cut the lining and fabric. I had to piece the back lining though, just did not have as much lining as I thought. I was able to make it work and it will be one of those things where the dry cleaner and I will know my secret!!!!

I decided to sew the knit fabric top that I cut out about a week or more ago. I just need a quick project to keep my MoJo going and I did have black thread in the serger. I will need to change to grey for the dress. I started on the top then got into wondering how best to do the neck gathers. That led me to pattern review and that led me to reading reviews, emails, blogs and no sewing.

I am off to the sewing room and will hopefully post photos of completed top later!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I've never been to Olive Garden, but frankly, I like places like that a lot more than any fancy restaurant. My birthday is Friday, and I've asked to go with my family to a Chinese Buffet.
    Good luck with all your sewing!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!Glad you had a wonderful celebration.


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