I love weekends!

This was a stressful work week. This AM when I got ready to go to work I felt exhausted. Plus I was sore from exercising last night, obviously worked some muscles that had not been worked out lately.

Friday evenings I normally go get groceries after work. Got that chore done and met DH at home. Once groceries were put up, out for pizza! When we got home I went straight to my sewing room and once again started working on the Vogue dress. Stitched the darts in the back piece, decided to serge finish edges even though dress is going to be fully lined. Fabric tends to ravel a bit and wanted to stop some of that while sewing pieces together. I decided to check my zipper stash and found that I had one grey zipper, not an invisible zipper. I am getting much better inserting zippers I just prefer the invisible ones.

I have not been to JoAnn's in awhile so looking for a grey invisible zipper is a good excuse to go. It's amazing that the brief time I spent in my sewing room this evening has helped lift the tired, burned out feeling. I feel in control and creative. Time for zoning out now.


  1. I know what you mean - I refered to it earlier this year as restoring 'joy.' It's just the simple things - cleaning and threading machines, ironing fabric, pinning patterns; that makes all the difference in attitude.

  2. Girl, I "over"stand. Saturday and Sunday are favorite days of the week. Tee Hee. Like you, I prefer the invisble zipper. They are easier to install and look more polished than the standard ones. Glad you got a pick me up.

    Happy Sewing!


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