I came home from work and since I had on a black pant suit, I decided to put on my just completed Vogue black skirt to shoot a photo of me wearing it! The dang thing is still too big. It fits the backside through hip area well. The waist is still too big. When I fitted it before I did not have on panty hose. I cannot imagine that they would reduce my size that much.

So, I will be taking deeper seams in the front waist area and perhaps just a little more in the back. It has a side zipper so not sure if I can adjust the other side seam without making things "wonky". I seem to always have issues with skirts with waist facings and no waist band. I can't believe that the waist would have stretched out, it is a wool gabardine not a stretch woven.

Do others of you have this issue with skirts with no waist bands? I am truly confused about pattern sizes for skirts for me. My measurements are just not that varied from my measurements from months ago. The toning I have experienced is more through the hips and tummy, the waist is only toned down by 1/2 an inch or so. So frustrating! Feedback and suggestions greatly appreciated!!!!


  1. Hi Linda, I too often have the same problem. For me I think it is because I forget that once the facing is attached the waistline will be 5/8" lower and therefore larger. I usually just make the skirt a little tight (nothing scientific!! or mathmetical!!) in the waist area when trying on before finishing. I also find that skirts with facings stretch whereas a waistband is unlikely to do so. For me though, despite the problems i much prefer a facing. I have recently discovered blogs and thanks to you and others I have found my sewing mojo again! Leanne

  2. Well if you have toned up your tummy the skirt will sit lower. Less to go over. So that is a good thing;))

    Did you put stay tape on the waistline? Even firm fabrics can stretch. This has happened to me too!


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