Vacation Sewing

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Our day was very uneventful, as we planned. We visited family on Christmas Eve as DH had to work today so he wanted a restful Christmas day. I spent a little time sewing yesterday afternoon but mainly we "grazed" all day and had oyster stew for Christmas dinner.

Today I had a fantastic sewing day. I had the house to myself and I had no intentions to go anywhere but to feed the neighbor's cats and go to I spent almost 2.5 hours sewing on my jacket with no real time consuming interuptions. It was bliss!!! Yesterday I quilted the sleeves of the jackets. Today I sewed them together, attached to the jacket and then stitched a bias strip around the armsyce to give a more polished looked to the sleeve seams.

I need to attach shoulder pads. I am comtemplating using removeable shoulder pads but this jacket really needs shoulder pads. The last thing needed to complete the jacket is the trim. I made the trim for this jacket and need a little more to be able to attach around all the edges of the jacket. I also need to attach the chain at the hemline. I want this jacket to be completed ASAP.

The other sewing I did was to start on the Vogue skirt. I am using a black wool gaberdine fabric that I purchased from Fabric Mart about three years ago. This is really good quality fabric. I interfaced the skirt facings and the tabs for view B. After interfacing the tabs, I stitched the two tab fabric pieces together. I then basted to the side front pieces and attached those to the center front. That is where I ended my sewing for today. I took some photos today of the two projects and will post my work in progress later.

I have a hair and manicure appointment late morning tomorrow so hope to sew some before going to these appointments.


  1. What a teaser post?! Full of good meaty details and NO pictures...ummm are you trying to drive me over the edge...the sewing edge that is? Can I please see some pics?

  2. Sounds like a perfect day to me. Can't wait to see pictures.

  3. It's absolutely wonderful. Isn't it. I had a few home alone days last week. absolutely wonderful.


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