Sewing the dress

I am making headway on my dress. After completing the cutting out of the pattern, I set up my serger for edge finishing. I did all of the finishing last night. DH working late today, so upon arriving home from work, I began sewing my dress.

The fabric is great to sew. I have sewn the front bodice pieces together and have pinned the back bodice pieces together. Time to take a break and fix a quick dinner as DH is finally making his way home.

Something I have not shared with blog readers-I am on holiday and vacation!!!!!! Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how one looks at it), DH is only off for the three day weekend. So most of next week will be PSD's. I have visions of completing numerous garments but usually the reality sets in and I don't get as much done as I think I will. But I am off to a good start.

Tomorrow DH and I are taking a day trip to Richmond, VA. Great shopping is in store. No fabric store shopping however. Unless I just happen to see one.

More later!


  1. Linda - it is so great to know that while I am home immersed in my fabric and sewing stuff - you will be too! We will have to check in with each other daily to see how we are doing!

  2. YOu and Carolyn, ah, I see she just posted. You two are inspiring a bout of productivity. May I join you? Spring cleaning out is getting to be "enough is enough".
    Have fun shopping

  3. Staying at home sewing all day? It sounds wonderful to me!

  4. I hope you get lots of sewing done on your holiday. I mean don't people go to place and do stuff they enjoy on holidays? Go to your sewing room and sew!


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