Simplicity 4074 Complete!!!!

Yeah, it is complete! For a fairly simple pattern, it took me longer to complete.
Some of this was dyedue to fitting concerns and adjustments. Some had to do with sewing decisions made--hand sewing hem instead of stitching it as instructions indicated and not being able to get a satisfying blind hem stitch on this fabric with my machine. I really want a blind hemmer machine!!!!!! I have no place to put it in my already cramped sewing room.

The fabric is a buttermilk knit from EOS. Hand sewing the hem on the skirt and the top was time consuming. The knit is not forgiving and made hand stitching difficult.
I think the pattern was drafted more on the small size. I used 14 for shoulders and armscye, changing to 18 at bust and then tapering back to 16 from waist to hip on the top. I should have stayed with the 18 from bust down. I did make a FBA using Sandra Betzina technique for princess seams from her Fast Fit book. This worked well. I also adjusted the shoulders for forward shoulder. This required me to adjust the length of the tucks at the shoulders on the front piece. I ended up having to let out the 5/8 seam allowances at the side seams, front/front side seams and center back seam from the waist down. It was a little more snug than I like to wear. I ended up using a 3/8 seam allowance from waist down in the areas noted above. For the skirt I used 18 from waist then gradually changing to 16 near hips and down to hem. This worked great. I did shorten the skirt by 1 1/2 inches.

I love the feel of the fabric. I like the look of the outfit and it does fit me better than it appears to look on Alma Marie. The skirt is swishy when you walk and I like that. Here are some additional photos of the top.
Top-Front and Back

Shoulder tucks


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