Sewing, when does one do this?

This week is a busy one with no real time to sew. I really hate that! I have gone in the sewing room just for a brief time yesterday and today prior to leaving for work. At least I am thinking about it.

I had to stay late to work this evening due to a meeting with our Board of Directors, at least the Executive Committee. Tomorrow night is our CAB meeting for our ASG; actually it is a special meeting to finalize the standing rules. Thus no time to sew again or even exercise. Perhaps Thursday!

I will go in the sewing room in the AM to re thread my serger to get it ready to make the KS top. I am really hoping that this will turn out well.

I want to make some skirts, yet I am having a hard time conjuring up exactly what I want to make. I see some of the fuller, summery, cotton looking skirts but just not sure that they will look good on me. I tend to make the fitted, straight skirts which look great on me and are what I need for work. "Sometimes a girl just wants to have funnnn!". Meaning I want to break out of a rut.



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