Saturday sewing

I am working on the Shirley Adams/PMB shell. I started on it yesterday morning as I was off for Good Friday holiday. I decided that I was going to add some lace trim to the front neckline of the shell. Furthermore, I also decided that I would embroider the lace trim myself, using a design from Sadias Designs. I purchased the lace CD at ASG national conference in August of last year.

Because I did all of my grocery shopping yesterday I had all Saturday morning to sew. While I continued sewing on my shell, I had my Janome 300E embroidering the lace trim. The shell is ready for me to stitch the lace trim onto the front neckline. I have sewn up the side seams, but need to check the fit one more time. Then I will hem the top on the sewing machine.

I had thought about adding lace trim to the bottom. But I want to try doing that on another top and using a different method.

I will post photos later when garment is finished.

DH and I are going out to dinner and I need to finish getting dressed.


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