Bargain shopping at Hancocks

Well the discounts continue as our local Hancocks prepares to go out of business!

Yesterday I went to Hancocks and found they had some buttons for sale for 5 cards of buttons for $1.00. I bought ten cards of course! Buttons are something I never seem to have enough of or the right shade of. Thus I purchased those that were unique in style and of colors that I knew I did not have. Their J&B buttons were 30% off but did not find any that truly said "buy me".

I of course also purchased a few more patterns at 60% off. I kept searching through fabrics and could not find any that I had to have. I have to say their fleece fabric is really disappearing, I always thought they had way to much of that and not enough of the fashion fabrics. Of course, fashion sewing appeals to me more than sewing fleece.

I will post some photos or link to site to show the patterns I just purchased.


  1. I have been so busy I have not made it to their sale. I hope to get by there soon. I will miss them because they used to let you use your coupon plus your ASG discount together, unlike other retailers. I could use some buttons, I must make a point of getting by there.


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