Next on list is New Look Jacket

Yesterday I spent time cleaning in the sewing room. I still need to do more. I then went through fabric I had in sewing room to decide what I wanted to do next. I had a soft tapestry fabric that I purchased from many months ago. It was during one of their sales. It is lovely shade of brown and green, with a little teal thrown in when you look at it from the other side. It was one of those fabrics that either side can be used.

I then pulled out New Look 6619 and decided I am going to make version C. While trimming around the pattern pieces, I decided to embroider a T-shirt that was in my sewing room from spring or summer that I had plans on embroidering before, but never got around to it. I used two of the embroidery designs that resides on my sewing machine. Thus while machine was embroidering I was cutting out the pattern pieces and pin fitting the pattern.

There are the usual adjustments to be made-- FSA, swayback and I will need about 1 3/8 FBA. I need to pin fit the sleeves next. I usually have to shorten sleeves on almost all patterns.

I will post photos of the fabric soon.


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