Early Morning Start to the Day!

I was sleeping very well until 4:30 AM when I woke and remembered I had left the Rowenta Steamer on! That will jolt you awake. It does not have an auto cut off. Didn't want that feature. So, I hop out of bed, it is below freezing this AM and go cut the steamer off. Back to bed.
Then I start thinking about sewing and my lackluster sewing enthusiasm. My low sewing libido if you will. I finally come to the conclusion that I have been trying to sew with a plan (SWAP). I do believe it is a great way to sew and develop several related garment pieces. I must confess though, I am sick of sewing brown and teal!!!!!! One jacket and one skirt thus far in this color scheme. One blouse now COMPLETED (finally) and a matching cut out skirt on the sewing table now.
Then there is my OCD (obsessive, compulsive disorder) problem. I can and have been very task oriented when it comes to sewing and have not, in the past, allowed myself to switch from one project to another when I have not completed the one I am currently working on. I finally got over that when I was doing more wearable art projects. I had to, as I committed to make several jackets for others in a certain time frame, plus I was submitting items for contests as well as trying to make purses for a wearable art shop on consignment and make some clothes for me.
Because of the SWAP idea I have been trying to pursue, I am heading back to the compulsion or obsessing about completing projects in the works. One side of my brain, however, wants to do XYZ projects, unrelated to brown and teal clothing. And that other part of the brain is saying OCD, OCD, OCD stick to the SWAP!
ENOUGH! I finally went back to sleep. Two hours later and I am finishing my coffee, making this entry and getting ready to go to CURVES. My new decision and plan. I am finishing the skirt today and then I am going to work on two projects next that have nothing to do with brown and teal. Actually they are experiments with felting and embellishing. Yeah, I feel free and enthused again!


  1. Go girl! You'll feel much better when you get back from the gym. Then finishing the skirt will be a breeze, and you'll feel even better for having accomplished that!


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