Uniquely You Dress Form Update

This is an interesting process. Cindi-Cindi's Sewing-assisted me in my quest to perfect a dressform that is "uniquely me". The instructions are pretty clear on doing this, it is simply time consuming process.

You zip the cover on, check the neck fitting for the front. Once that is determined to fit appropriately, you then undo the side seam up to the side bust dart. You then find your waist line and sew in some small darts to define that area. From there you undo the rest of the side seam. You then proceed to pin side seam to fit right and left sides. You then focus on fitting the bust area. The hard part of this is you need to get the bust area and bust point areas to line up correctly and to do this you really need to release shoulder area, though directions don't have you do this. But you have to because you then have to fit upper chest, and further define your bust and midriff.

You then proceed to work on the back area. With Cindi's assistance we got the front and a lot of the upper back part completed. This took approximately 4-4.5 hours. Yes we chatted, but worked and chatted. This was tiring for us both and other appointments awaited.

Upon return home, I did some more tweaking of back based on our work and defining what was needed for the back adjustments. I spent at least 1.5 hours on this for myself. But I am pleased with the outcome. My DH who was home while working on this began to tell me he thought it was rather form fitting! I thanked him for his comments and explained that was the intent of this little exercise to get a second skin form fitting cover. This is why I don't like to have him too involved in my projects.

The remainder to be done is the bottom half which I may or may not be able to complete on my own. Cindi was a great help-Thank you, Cindi! A second set of eyes are great help in seeing the right fit and near misses.

Today I plan to set this aside and cut out some patterns that are ready to become some new clothes for me for fall.


  1. LOL, over your husband's comments. I told mine you would help me with making a form. We discussed my idea of buying one and making the cover then stuffing it. He didn't like that, he said it wouldn't lump in the right places!!! He said he really wanted to help me with the trashbag version when I physically could do it. I also told him we had about another day of working on the form to go. He was fine with that. So, if you want me to help you I will. I enjoyed it!


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