Where does the time go when you work all the time?

Wednesday we had a super employee event! It was special recognition for achieving and exceeding sales records. After work I had an appointment to get my "hoofs and paws" done. (Manicure and pedicure). It had been weeks since I gave myself this treat. While in the middle of this, we had a terrible storm and power went off! At least my feet were out of the water at that time. The manicurist was just beginning to paint my toes. The safety lights were on, though all other power was out. Of course, this place has great windows and so there was some light. But candles were lit and I have to say that I have never had my toes painted by candlelight before!

Of course, my home is near this place so I called DH on my way home to learn that our power was out also. My plan had been to have soup and sandwich and then go into my sewing room for some creativity and R&R. Our power remained out for over 5 hours. During sleep I awoke to lights coming on and of course, blessedly the A/C.

Yesterday I worked late again as did hubby. We met up for dinner and got home around 8:00. By the time we do those things one must do to prepare for the next day, I decided I had no energy to go into the sewing room. I did check some blogs and got my sewing fix through others before going off to sleep.

My dress is calling for me and hopefully this evening, yeah it is FRIDAY!, I will be spending some sewing time this evening. When I look over what's left to do, it is really only the skirt part, attaching to bodice, hemming, WEARING! Dress will be complete in time for ASG.


  1. I don't know what your employer is thinking to make you work all the time! Don't they know that sewing is a need not a want! teehee

  2. Hope you have a "sew" wonderful weekend!


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