75% off Vogue/Butterick Patterns at Hancock's

June 22 finally arrived and Vogue/Butterick patterns were 75% off. I have way more patterns than I can possibly make up but I still buy them. But 75% off is hard to ignore. Here are my patterns I purchased.


  1. I have that Maggie London pattern. Foleys had Maggie London dressed for sale for $109!!

    I also bought an Anne Klien pant suit pattern.

  2. You got some nice stuff! I like the b&w DKNY dress - very pretty.

  3. I forgot the sale:( Well, I will have to mark my calendar next time!

  4. Danville girl, sometimes I buy patterns on sale simply for the illustrations or the ideas. Sort of like ripping pages of outfits out of fashion magazines. No big deal if you don't make them all up -- they're your reference books.

    Emmy in MN


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