Start of Spring

I decided to draft a yoked skirt using Pattern Master Boutique. I see a lot of yoked skirts in sewing and fashion magazines. I even have a few yoked skirt patterns that were part of a coordinate pattern. I haven't used PMB in awhile so thought I would use it for drafting a skirt. I normally have good results.

After printing, taping and then pin fitting the pattern, I cut it out. The PMB pattern drafted with a front and back yoke, as well as, a front and back skirt piece. It also drafted a facing for the yoke. I decided I did not want that, so I cut extra yokes and will use them as the facing. The front yoke and skirt was to be on fold. Through the pattern editor part of the PMB program, I added a front seam allowance to both. Hopefully it will work as I invisioned it.

I am using a fabric that I purchased from Vogue fabrics at least one maybe two years ago. It is a pea green background with small fushcia and orange flowers.

Here is a scanned image of the fabric.


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