Saturday sewing

I began the Butterfly Purse by Loes Hinses this morning, well actually started it last night. This pattern has been an UFO for sometime now. I decided I had to make it now, so I could begin my other projects.

It is an easy purse to make; but pattern instructions are missing some steps. Once you work through this, it is okay. Not for beginners.

My difficulty was the fabric and the fusible fleece interfacing I decided to use. I wanted the bag to have some body. The purse is similar to one that I purchased at Talbots. That one has some body to it and I wanted this to be the same way.

Here is the pattern.

I am using a tapestry fabric that is warm, multi colors. I purchased this about a year ago from eQuilters fabrics. The lining is a dull gray but it was what I had available that was neutral at the time. With that fabric thickness and fusible fleece, I have had to hand turn the sewing wheel at certain points, particularly with the handle loops. There is like four layers of fabric plus fusible fleece. I am almost finished with it, hopefully tomorrow.

Photos to be posted later.



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