What I am sewing now?

I am completing another FSL Bowl for Christmas present for my DMIL. While the machine is embroiderying I have completed the tracing and pattern pinfitting of the LH Tuxedo Jacket. I made some adjustments to the back hip area as it appeared that the jacket may hang up on my hip fluff. So only added to the back area. I also made a slight bust adjustment. I used Nancy Z's pivot and slide method as I only added about a 1/2 inch to that area. Normally bust fits well with LH jackets and I think this will also.

I am debating using the SNF method of lining with this jacket for front and back pieces. I will not line the sleeves but will interface them as it is a boucle type fabric and this will help stabilize as well as make easy to get on and off. The sleeves have a slit in the front area and I don't want to have to try to change that design or fiddle with the lining for the sleeves to fit that design.

I am using a fabric I purchased from Vogue Fabrics through one of their swatch mailings. It is winter white with grey and lavendar and some other colors. I will post photo soon. I have some winter white pants that I purchased from Nordstroms that this will look great with. The top can be various colors. I also purchased some lovely polyester fabric that will go with this and even had thought about using this as the lining. Lovely print with all the colors that are the specs in the winter white boucle. But I thought it would make a great sleeveless or short sleeve top to wear with the jacket. Decisions, decisions.

Here is a link for the LH Tuxedo Jacket pattern. http://www.loeshinsedesign.com/categories/jackets/tuxedo.html



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