Ruffles and ruffle foot

I purchased a ruffle foot for my sewing machine years ago.  In deciding to make the Ruffle Neck Tunic from the Tunic Bible, I decided to try the ruffle foot.  It is (was) a rather intimidating foot.  After reading the sparse instructions that came with the foot, going to Threads Archive DVD that had a great article on using a ruffle foot and last and should have been first going to YouTube for a visual aid, I got the ruffle foot to ruffle my fabric.

I truly love the results.  You can also use this to sew the ruffle to another fabric and per You Tube works like a charm.  May try it in the future; as long as it makes a piece of fabric ruffle, I am good with that.

The fabric I am using is a linen rayon and medium weight.  To make the ruffle fit the neckline you need to measure the neckline length and pretty much double the length for the fabric strip.  The strip is 5 inches wide x  2 times length.  Fold the strip in half length wise and baste edges together and then create a ruffle.

I had to sew two fabric lengths together to make this ruffle.  I wanted the border print to go around the neckline but did not have enough fabric to do that.  I cut the border print 18.5 inches and cut another piece from base fabric the same length.  I stitched them together.

Here is the ruffle pinned and basted to the neckline.

I finally got this attached and topstitched.

I stopped at that point and now off to sewing room to attached the sleeves, sew the side seams and hem.  More updates later.


  1. Beautiful! I am looking forward to seeing the finished project:)

  2. oooo - this will be beautiful!! I also bought a ruffle foot years ago, and my directions were sparse as well. I gave up...maybe I should practice with it!

    1. After watching You Tube with ruffle foot I have for my machine, I decided I really should give it a try. After practicing on several pieces, I just went for it and I like how it turned out. It is a little noisy when pushing fabric through the feed to make the ruffle, but otherwise it worked well.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks something is complicated to use, finally make up my mind to give it a try and end up wondering why I thought it would be so difficult. Your tunic is looking good!

    1. Yeah that foot has set for years and could have been used on a couple of other projects. I am glad I tried it.


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