Saturday, March 25, 2017

Wadders and Where is my sewing mojo!

Toaster Sweater Version 2, take 2, wadder.  Some of the adjustments made just did not work and instead of working to make it work, I decided to move on.  Spring is in the air and now I want to make some tops out of woven fabric.  I am also going to the beach with a friend in a couple of months and needs some beach wear.

And honestly, my sewing mojo has been stunted.  Just was not feeling it and most likely due to the bipolar weather we have had this month.

I did break my pattern and fabric fast last week.  New fabric and new patterns have arrived at my door step.  Will post photos of those soon.  Hopefully that will boost my mojo.



  1. Funny time of year - I always have a slump after the hoopla of the holidays. Spring air and flowers (and those stash additions) should help. The toaster sweater - not fond of it, weird neckline and hem. Maybe you're better off without it!

    1. I will probably try Version 1, next fall/winter

  2. Aww. Hopefully the new goodies jumpstart the mojo.

    My "fix" is to either play with new fabric and/or patterns or go for a simple TNT that I know I will enjoy. Hopefully your mojo returns!

    1. Thanks! I have found some mojo! Pulled a piece of fabric from stash and found pattern from stash. At least I have pin fitted the pattern and with separate cup sizes-no FBA!!!



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