Saturday, March 11, 2017


Last weekend I attempted to sew a Marcy Tilton pattern that I have had in stash forever!  It is Vogue 9057.   I was going to use two fabrics from Girl Charlee as the colors in the print fabric complimented the mustard color of a ponte knit.

I made a mistake trying to use these two fabrics together as the solid knit was somewhat heavier than the print fabric and not sufficient stretch.  While attaching the neckband and frog stitching (ripping out stitches) I created small holes in the print fabric which at first I thought I could apply fusible stay tape to and I did.  Then I re cut the neckband and attached this one.  I hated the way the neckband looked, it stood away from my neck area and steaming did not change anything.  

Let me say that I was using the instructions for the neckband and not attaching as I normally would-that was the second mistake.  In removing the second neckband, I got to ripping too much and ruined the neckline.  No amount of stay tape or fusible would fix that.

I hope to salvage the print fabric and use it somehow in another top.  I have plenty of the solid color fabric for something else!

With the crazy weather we have had recently I am in limbo with what to sew next.  Hopefully I will decide on something to take advantage of a cold weekend perfect for me to stay inside and in my sewing room.


  1. Hey it happens to the best of us! As long as you can reuse the fabric, then it's a good thing.

    1. Yes it does happen to the best of us! I am now making another top using the solid fabric.

  2. Aack - but you have company for sure! sometimes I feel like I discard more than I keep - I get on a wadder roll :-)

    1. I can identify with that. Hopefully that particular top will be it for awhile.



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