I scrapped the red knit tank and cardi.  I knew that the fabric was sheer but this was really sheer and I did not have enough fabric to cut at least a double front piece. Not only that but I really hated the fabric after handling and sewing just a little bit.  I will make a red tank and cardi as I just ordered a red fabric from Cali Fabrics today.

While waiting for this fabric to arrive, I switched gears and decided to use the recently purchased fabric from Cali, the white with black stripes and floral print rayon knit.  This morning I washed this fabric along with three other off white or cream knit fabrics.

I plan to sew Jalie 3245 using the stripe/floral print as the body and solid color for the sleeves.  I have traced the pattern pieces and the pattern is ready for pin fitting. The inspiration for this was of course from Pinterest.  Here are a few I liked

Tomorrow will not be a sewing day however.  I have planned for a couple of weeks now on redecorating the master bathroom which is really mine; my husband has the hallway bathroom-this works best for us.  I ordered some new beauty organizers and plan to change the colors used for the bath mats and curtains.  The room needs a real spring cleaning or perhaps I should call it a summer cleaning!  Will see how long this takes, so may get the fabric cut out in the afternoon.


  1. I'm chuckling - I've tossed a couple thin knits just barely into a project. Just not worth the hassle! I really like your striped knit. Cali is a new shop for me so I'm going to go check it out! Thks...

    1. Life is too short to mess with bad fabric. I like the service Cali Fabrics has provided. The quality of the first two knits I purchased was very good. I contacted them about needing red knit fabric and the shade I was looking for,they were prompt in responding to my email request. I ordered their fabric, will see.

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    1. Yes, they are beginning to consume my time more than I planned.

  3. I like your approach to fabric that doesn't work. It's mine, too. If I realize a fabric doesn't work after I've already started sewing, I have no problem abandoning the project. I've read that some think it's wasteful, but I'd rather waste fabric than time. I don't have that much time to sew and I'd rather spend that sewing time on things I'll be happy to have in my wardrobe than on things I don't like.

    You must be excited about sprucing up the master bathroom. I'm sure it'll be really nice when you're done. It's time for me to re do mine, too.

    Enjoy your staycation!

    1. Thanks Summer! I use to be one of those who felt guilty by tossing the fabric. Wasting time is more precious especially the older you get. Like you my sewing time seems to be less and less so I want to make something I am happy about sewing.


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