Staycation Update

This is been a great week, staycations can be as fun as traveling. Don't get me wrong I love to travel especially to the beach.

I had several items on my staycation to do list:
1. Redo vanity area in the bathroom
2. Manicure/pedicure
3. Sew Jalie 3254
4. Sew Maria Denmark Kimono top
5. Adjust Jalie Eleanor jeans

So far I have completed the first three items on my list.
Bathroom vanity redo

Toes are red too without the black tips!

Sew Jalie 3254-Complete!👍🏼☺

Bodice hemmed using coverstitch machine

Neckline used coverstitch machine
Marie Denmark Kimono top pattern is ready for me to decide on the fabric and cut it out. This is a pattern that I used last summer to make a couple of tops to take on the beach trip. The fit is perfected so this should be a quick sewing gratification project. I have two knit fabrics purchased earlier this year from Girl Charlee. These knits were part of the January Knitfix.  I was not overly excited about my bundle, there were two items that I especially liked but will not use those for this project.

The floral striped knit used in the project above was from Cali Fabrics, a store located in California. This was the best feeling knit I have sewn in some time. It is a soft knit similar to a sweater knit but with more body. The solid beige fabric used for the sleeves and neckline are a similar knit and I'm not sure of the source. I think it may have come in a bundle from Fabric Mart. It worked well with the striped floral knit as it was similar in weight though a little bit more sheer.

I will take some photos of me wearing the top soon. I will also provide a more detailed review of the fitting adjustments I made.


  1. Despite not getting everything done ... you did do something so that says a lot. Cute blouse. I love the acrylic makeup organizers... they make my makeup life sane.

    1. I saw a few videos on You Tube with various acrylic makeup organizers-what a great way to keep cosmetics and such in the right place.

  2. Great vanity re-do, and the top you sewed is so cute! Your nails look awesome! You got a LOT done!

    1. I did yet I still have a few more things I wish I had been able to complete. I did enjoy the time off and feel rested.


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