Patterns Recently Purchased and Sewing Progress

I mentioned in a previous post that I took advantage of McCall's and Simplicity pattern sale. I finally got around to taking some pictures of the patterns.

Here are some pictures of the patterns:

Today I have been working on completing the Simplicity top. I had to make some fitting adjustments after I had basted the side seams and the shoulders. The top is rather full and based on the finished bust and hip measurements I did not have to make any fitting adjustments in those areas.

I ended up taking deeper underarm seams and this is sometimes necessary with this type of type sleeve. I took a deeper seam right under the bust curve and ended up taking deeper back seam as well.

I used a small size in the neckline, shoulder and upper chest area. I ended up with a gap at the back neck closing. I had to make an adjustment in that area which resulted in the elimination of the back opening as I could easily pull the top over my head without a button and loop closure.

I only have to hem the bodice of the top and I will finally be finished with this pattern. I like the outcome, it has just taken be more time to sew this than I anticipated.

I hope your sewing weekend has been productive.


  1. Those wide leg pants are making a resurgence so I keep going back and forth over buying a pattern or using one I know I have in the stash. Like your new patterns!

    1. They definitely are showing up in lot of places including where I work. My concern is getting the right width and length for me as a vertically challenged person, I am truly concerned about how overwhelming they could be on me.

  2. Wow! A lot of patterns! I especially love McCall's 7392! I may purchase it too:)

    1. I seem to buy when they are on sale. I saw review of M7392 on Pattern Review and new I wanted to make a denim skirt with this pattern.


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