Sunday, February 14, 2016

Jalie 3461 and Freaky February

I have been participating in the Make a Garment a Month group on Facebook.  The February theme is Freaky February.  The 'freaking' is what you hesitant to sew as it freaks you out to do so or in my case sewing pants freaks me out and thus I avoid it almost like a plague.

I am fortunate that I can usually purchase well fitting pants and jeans in the petite department at several retailers.  So I like to spend time sewing other items that I can get a better fit than RTW or I want be wearing the same top as one of my staff members or a friend because I made it myself.

So for Freaky February, I am going to make a pair of pull on jeans using Jalie 3461.  I just spent a good 1/2 hour reading all the reviews at PR about these jeans.  Some more helpful than others.

Last night I traced my size according to their instructions and then pin fitted them earlier today.  I then freaked as the pin fitted pattern really did not fit very well.  One issue is paper does not stretch and these jeans are designed for fabric that stretches 20% at a minimum.  The second issue was the back area which I know needs more tweaking-they need to come up higher than what these did.  I decided to not let this freak me out to where I would not continue with the project.

I am smart enough to know that I will need raise the back length (rise) and pretty much know how to do this after giving it more thought and reading PR reviews.  Tomorrow is a holiday so I plan to make pattern adjustments and cut these out.  I do plan to add 1 inch just in case seams at the side seams.  I did shortened the length by one inch but may need to take another inch off.

Fabric is a recent end of year purchase from JoAnn for stretch denim.  There are some nicer stretch denim fabrics online that if these prove to be successful and I feel like I should no longer freak out over pull on jeans after making these then I will order some.

That's all for now.  It is snowing tonight and tomorrow promises to be more weather issues with sleet and freezing rain!  Nice that I have the day off anyway!

More later.


  1. making jeans would freak me out too! Enjoy your day off, drink cocoa, maybe it'll snow!

  2. Well not only has it snowed all night but now we have sleet which makes for real hazardous conditions. Good that I have the day off anyway, not traveling in this mess!

  3. It's been more than 20 years since I made jeans and it would freak me out now! Good luck and yay for sewing out of your comfort zone!

    1. With last weekends "freaky" snow and ice storm, the pants are still on the cutting table.

  4. My first version of this pattern turned out surprising nice in terms of fit. I made them in some fabric mart stretch denim in a weird apricot color. They don't get much wear because of the color. Hope yours turn out well.

    1. Thanks for the feed back. It is nice to read that your first version turned out nice regarding fit. With last weeks snow and ice storm and loss of power for three days, this pattern is still on the cutting table! I think your area faired better than here in Roanoke.



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