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Lately I have not taken nor truly had the time to write a post for the blog.  I seem to have too many projects on my plate at the time and everything is juggling for my attention.

I gave considerable attention to sewing most all weekend and made good progress with the culottes. The back waistband is a casing in which you are to stitch 1/4 inch rows to insert 1/4 elastic.  I find that to be pretty tedious so decided to insert one inch wide elastic.  I lost the elastic guide pattern piece to determine the length of elastic to cut. I have yet to find it and it is amazing how I can lose one small pattern piece.  (Urgggggg)

I decided I would just measure my back waist measurement from side to side and add a little to that to allow for stitching the ends down at casing edge to hold it in place.  The back waistband casing is roughly 32 inches in length so there would be quite a bit of elastic stretching  if using my back waist measurement which is smaller than front waist measurement from side to side.

If you have any suggestions for doing this differently, please leave a comment for another method. Or if you have this pattern and have the elastic guide pattern piece I would like to ask if you would look at it and tell me what the elastic length is for the elastic for a size 16 waist.   Thanks!

That's all for now.  More info and photos to follow.


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  2. Hi Linda!
    I have this pattern and the elastic guide measures 18 1/4". I can't wait to see your culottes!

  3. Sometimes using 2 rows of 1/2 wide elastic fits better than using 4 rows of 1/4 inch or 1 row of 1 inch wide for some reason. Emma Seabrook has 1.5 inch folded over elastic waistbands in her Slinky patterns and recommends using 3/4 inch wide with 2 rows and it fits very nice when using knits.

    1. Thank you for suggesting this!! I like the 1/2 wide idea and having 2 rows.

  4. I think you actually do an amazing job of keeping up your blog along with you working. I love seeing all your different projects and love your choice of patterns and colours.


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