A little sewing

I have made progress on my dress.  I like the color blocking with solid and print fabric.  The shoulders are sewn and the sides are basted for fit before I attach the sleeves.  I started to just sew it up since I have made this twice now; yet each knit fabric behaves differently so I want to be sure that this knit does not need extra attention to get the proper fit.

Work consumed a lot of my time last week thus leaving me pretty much to tired to do much of anything. One day I put in 10 hours and by the time I got home I just was too tired to eat much less do anything but zone out and then sleep.  This week is more normal and have sewn in bits of time.

I will have enough fabric left over from both of these fabrics for a top.  I ordered some patterns from Pattern Review, mostly Butterick, as they were $2.99 on sale.  However I received a notice from Deepika that there was a ordering mistake and not all patterns were shipped to meet all the orders.  So I must wait for these.

It is not like I don't have other patterns to try so I am not lacking for things to sew.

More later.


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