I love a challenge

I began the pin fitting process for V9024 yesterday and continuing today.  So far I have shortened the length from waist to hip, requiring quite a bit of truing up the front skirt pieces.  Next was the forward shoulder adjustment and high round back adjustment.  I had to stop at that point to do other tasks.

I have to make a FBA, no surprise about that.  This will be an interesting adjustment to make as one front piece has waist and side dart and the other side piece has princess seams!!  I know that I need to make 1 1/2 inch adjustment and will take half of that and adjust each front piece by that amount.  I also need to make a swayback and perhaps back length adjustment; I think I can do some of that while attaching back bodice to back skirt.

My plan is to get all of this completed so I can cut out the fabric.  Maybe even get the lining cut out as well.

Updates and photos later.



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