Vogue 9017

I began making pattern adjustments this a.m. (click title for link to view pattern).  Recently my sway back adjustments have proved to be less than what I need. Today when pin fitting this pattern I pinned in an inch for this adjustment. This seemed to address my fitting issue. Other adjustments include my usual forward shoulder, shortening the length between waist and hip, and will need a slight FBA as this has bodice based on cup size.

I had to stop and do some work on spreadsheets for my job. It is the start of budget season and when this occurs things get a little crazy at work. This also means it overflows into my personal time; since my job pays for my sewing habit one must make sacrifices.

My plan is to complete the fitting adjustments today. Perhaps even to begin to cut out the fabric. I am washing the black knit that I recently ordered to go with the brown and black knit.

I hope your sewing weekend has been productive.



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