Saturday, September 20, 2014

Progress-It's a Good Thing

Let me just start off and say that this past work week was a doozy. We were going through an accreditation process at work and Friday was the conclusion. Was so happy to leave work knowing that this won't occur again for another three years.

So I left work a little early, took care of some grocery shopping, and had dinner with DH.Once I got home changed into comfortable clothing and went to the sewing room. I continued the work on Vogue 9017, marking the basting stitches for the side seams with the fitting adjustments that were needed and stitched though seams. I then tried on the dress once again to make sure that the side seams were as I wanted. They were so then I moved on to stitching the sleeves and had determined that I needed to scoop out about 1/4 inch on the armcye of the front and back area.

I decided to stop at that point with plans to resume on Saturday.I have to say that this is a very well drafted pattern, with bodice front pieces for B , C, and D cups.Hopefully I will be able to show the completion of the dress by Sunday. I will meet my deadline, yeah!


  1. Accreditation, yuk. I hate all that sort of thing too. Glad at least the sewing is going well :)

    1. Sarah it can be very challenging. A lot of document pulling to show proof that what you say you do you do. At least it'll be another three years before this accrediting body returns.



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